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recycle your old pound coins


I liked the comment in new scientist feedback
"Arnold Methodist Church is pleased to announce a Free Collection Service for all your old
redundant round pound coins.
For the next few months, during the Sunday morning service a receptacle will be passed around
to enable you to deposit all your old pound coins,
which will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way"

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Edinburgh Cramond history 2


Water has always been at the heart of Cramond's existence
From earliest times the mouth of the river Almond has provided a safe haven for boats,
as long as they are well secured against the occasional spates,
of which the owners of the yachts presently moored there are very well aware.
By the end of the 18th century three water mills
provided power for three iron forges and two steel mills.
At this time Cramond was separated from Edinburgh by miles of countryside
It is now a very desirable suburb of Edinburgh

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Because Cramond Woodcare is based in Cramond a little Cramond history
might be of interest to it's customers.
Although there is evidence of early human activity after the last ice age.
The first substantial evidence are the Roman Ruins in Cramond Kirk Yard
Although these are now substantial but gaunt ruins,
It is interesting for a furniture restorer to speculate,
that they must have contained fine polished furniture of equal quality,
to that which Ewen repairs and re-polishes today,
For a more detailed history please click on

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